Xiaomi Mi Band 5 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Comparison!

Hello, everyone! I decided to use all the possibilities for the fitness bracelets Xiaomi Mi Band 5. And, I compared it with its predecessor to make it easier to evaluate all its functionality and new features – the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. You can compare the cost these devices clicking links to these videos.


In terms of design, Xiaomi decided to make little changes. The new Mi Band 5 has the same oval capsule as its predecessor. But the screen size has increased. I will talk about it a little later. The capsule itself has also become a little longer and wider, but in general there have been no dramatic changes, and I consider this a plus. Someone may be disappointed by the lack of strong design changes, but personally I fully support Xiaomi’s attempt to create a complete line of fitness bracelets, in which there is continuity from generation to generation. The bracelet case is perfectly assembled. There are no squeaks or rattles. They used high quality plastic. The display is protected by 2.5D tempered glass with an oleophobic coating. The water resistance of the case remains at the same level as its predecessor – you can take a shower without removing the bracelet, swim in the swimming pool and dive with it to a depth of 50 meters. The silicone strap also stayed the same. It allows you to tightly fix the capsule without screws or clips due to the perfect combination of elasticity and strength. So far, there are 4 options for the strap colors: black, red, yellow, and gray-green. But there is no doubt that soon there will be alternative options for every taste and color.

As for the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, it is slightly inferior to the new product in terms of body and screen sizes. But still it’s an excellent fitness bracelet that has gained popularity among many buyers. Its sealed oval capsule allows you to always carry the bracelet with you, dive to the depth and take a shower without damaging the device. At the same time the Mi Band 4 has a wider selection of bands available for purchase both in the official store and on specialized sites. Also, it’s worth noting that the Mi Band 4 is almost twice as heavy as the new fitness bracelet. Therefore, Mi Band 5 will be much more comfortable to wear, because you will practically not feel it on the hand.


Compared to its predecessor, the Mi Band 5 has a clear screen advantage. Its diagonal is 1.1 inches, which is 16% more than the previous version of the bracelet. In general, there are very few fitness bracelets on the market that can boast such a large screen diagonal. Also, it is worth noting that the new items have increased screen resolution. It is 126 by 294 pixels. The display has an AMOLED matrix and a fairly high brightness. It allows to clearly see the time and other information in the scorching sun during the day or in a brightly lit room. I have no complaints about the Mi Band screen. The picture on it is always bright and juicy, and the graininess is not visible even upon closer examination. As for the dials, the manufacturer claims that there will be more than 100 of them. Therefore, you will not have any problems with choosing which screensaver to choose.

The Mi Band 4 has a smaller screen diagonal of 0.95 inches. However, it has a great AMOLED display with high brightness that can be adjusted. The resolution is also pleasing – it is 120 by 240 pixels with no graininess. In sunlight, the screen is clearly visible. As for the dials, there are also quite a few options, but fewer than the new model has.

Undoubtedly, the screen of the Mi Band 5 is better. There is a tendency that the engineers from Xiaomi are working on the quality of this important element with each generation of fitness bracelets increasing the size and resolution.


Let’s move on to the most interesting part – the new features that the Mi Band 5 has received.

There are 11 modes to track physical activity: a mode for running on the street and on the treadmill, walking, exercise bike, yoga, jump rope, swimming, cycling, free training, as well as simulators for rowing and elliptical. The bracelet is equipped with an accelerometer and gyroscope, which collect data on the user’s movements. There is a;so a heart rate monitor. Such a set of sensors allows to track with high accuracy not only the smallest movements of the user, but also such indicators like the distance traveled, calories burned, exercise intensity and much more. It’s quite interesting that there is a new measurement sensor installed in the Mi Band 5. According to the manufacturer, this determines the heart rate by 50% more accurately and sleep by 40%. Moreover, these measurements can be carried out 24 hours a day. In addition, the bracelet has the ability to take pictures from a smartphone. It is a useful feature, but only time will show how it’s going to function with smartphones from other manufacturers. It is possible that there may be problems with synchronization. There is also the so-called PAI vitality index appeared in the bracelet. Based on gender, age, heart rate and other values, it will give recommendations for increasing vitality. The fitness bracelet is not able to measure blood pressure, but somehow it calculates the level of stress and gives recommendations on how to relieve it with the help of breathing exercises. In addition, women using Mi Band 5 will be able to track the menstrual cycle. The bracelet will not only display a monthly report, but it will also remind you about the coming cycle. And of course, all the functions that were in the predecessor remained in this model – there is a control over the playback of music tracks, a phone search, notifications, turning on the silent mode on a smartphone, a timer, a stopwatch, a weather forecast, and an alarm clock.

Unfortunately, the Mi Band 4 cannot boast of such functionality as the new model, but in general it is a rather advanced fitness bracelet with a lot of features. The device has the following sports modes: running, walking, cycling, treadmill, swimming and exercise. Such features like the counting steps, heart rate, distance and calory tracker are quite accurate. But they are inferior to the new product because of the outdated sensor. Also, there is sleep monitoring, but it does not reach the level of Mi Band 5. There is an alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, and the ability to control music playback. Moreover, the smartphones from different manufacturers, not only the Xiaomi devices support the latter function. The bracelet also has displaying notifications and weather forecast when synchronized with a smartphone.

The new Mi Band 5 has taken a long step forward in terms of functionality and measurement accuracy. But the Mi Band 4 is still one of the best fitness bracelets among others available on the market.


Both devices received built-in Bluetooth 5.0 modules, which are quite energy efficient and extend the battery life of the devices. You can connect the Mi Band 5 and the Mi Band 4 to all smartphones running both Android and iOS with the help of Mi Fit application. It helps you set an alarm, change dials, monitor your sleep, exercise and vital signs. As for the NFC module, both fitness bracelets have versions equipped with this module. They differ from the usual versions without the NFC module by a button on the case. They have an inverted letter U instead of the round button. The only sad thing is that the built-in NFC module only supports MasterCard. And they don’t have the ability to use Google Pay or Apple Pay. Linking a card for contactless payment in Mi Band 5 and Mi Band 4 can be carried out through the Mi Fit application.


The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has a 125 mAh non-removable lithium polymer battery. The developers say that this capacity is enough for 14 days in a sleep mode. It is quite a good result considering the screen size and bracelet functionality. But what is most remarkable about the new product is that the engineers from Xiaomi finally listened to the buyers and changed the charging method. Now the owners of this fitness bracelet do not have to pull out the capsule to charge the device. The Mi Band 5 has a magnetic type charger. You just need to attach the charging plug to the back of the fitness bracelet.

I have to say that this method is much more convenient than the one used in Mi Band 4. To charge this fitness bracelet, the owner will have to remove the capsule from the strap, which is often quite problematic. If you purchase this version without the NFC module, the battery capacity of the Mi Band 4 is 135 mAh. It can be 125 mAh if the bracelet supports the contactless payment function. The battery life of Mi Band 4, in contrast to the new product, reaches 20 days in the sleep mode. This is quite logical, because the old version has a smaller screen diagonal.


I have collected the most common reviews by those who have already used the new Mi Band 5, as well as the owners of the Mi Band 4. Let me share what they are unhappy with and what people liked about these fitness bracelets.


The Mi Band 5

  1. You cannot link Visa and Mir cards.
  2. There is no GPS module.
  3. You need to charge the battery more often compared to its predecessor.

The Mi Band 4

  1. You have to take the capsule out of the strap to charge the device.
  2. The vibration of the alarm is weak.
  3. There is no 24 hour sleep monitoring.


The Mi Band 5

  1. It has a large color screen.
  2. There is a magnetic charging.
  3. There are more than 100 watch color versions.
  4. There is a version with the NFC module.

The Mi Band 4

  1. Its screen is bright and colorful.
  2. It can work without charging for a long time.
  3. You can switch music in the player.
  4. There is a large selection of dials.

Summarizing all that has been said, we can conclude that the Mi Band 5 is better than the Mi Band 4. Yes, it has a screen with a larger diagonal, many dial options, more convenient charging, and several new sports modes and functions. Nevertheless, I would recommend the new product if you have an older generation fitness bracelet, for example, Mi Band 2 or 3. And if you already have the Mi Band 4, then you should consider buying a new product only if you you need a new sport specific regimen or you need to track your menstrual cycle.

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