Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Comparison!

Hello everyone! The heroes of today’s video are the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite.


There are some differences both from the front and from the back of the smartphones .

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite is quite large and weighty. Its length is 163.7, its width is 76.1, and its thickness is 8.7 millimeters. The weight is 199 grams. Such smartphone does not fit in every pocket, and you have to use it with two hands. A distinctive feature of Samsung’s Note smartphone  stableis the S Pen. Users can take notes and screenshots with it, write text directly on the screen, select words, then send them to the translator and do much more. If desired, you can control the smartphone with your fingers. The pen can be removed in a special slot located on the bottom of the smartphone. The Galaxy Note 10 Lite has a large screen with narrow frames. The screen has a built-in fingerprint scanner, and instead of a drop-shaped cutout or curtain, there is a small hole for the front camera. It looks rather unusual, but you quickly get used to it and stop noticing it. As for the location of the working elements on the body, the volume and power buttons are located on the right side. On the left there is a slot designed for 2 Nano-format SIM cards, where a memory card is also installed. At the top of the smartphone there is a microphone. At the bottom there is another microphone, speaker, 3.5 millimeter audio output for headphones, a USB-C connector, as well as an S Pen stylus slot.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is much smaller in size than its opponent. The length is 151, the width is 71.8, and the thickness is 7.9 millimeters. The smartphone received more classical features in general. The corners are almost straight, without rounding, while the Lite version has more rounded corners. The weight of the smartphone is 168 grams. In contrast to the opponent, t he screen has rounded edges. There is a built-in fingerprint scanner. The front camera is placed in a small hole directly in the screen instead of a drop-shaped cutout . Gorilla Glass 6 is used t o protect the display . As for the location of the buttons, they are located on the left side unlike the rival’s ones. On top there is a microphone and a slot for two Nano SIM cards. Below there is another microphone, a speaker, a USB-C connector, and an S Pen slot. But the 3.5 millimeter audio jack in the Galaxy Note 10, is missing when its rival has it. T he Galaxy Note 10 received protection from dust and moisture in accordance with the IP68 standard, which allows it to survive in water for a short time.

The smartphones also have differences o n the back side . The back side of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite is made of glass-like plastic. Black, red and gradient gray colors are available for purchase. A module of three lenses and a flash appeared to be inscribed in a black rectangle, which is somewhat reminiscent of modules on the latest from Apple, only the lenses are not so large in size.

The back side of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, like the front one, is made of Gorilla Glass 6. As for colors, there is more choice here than the Lite version has. Black, white, red, pink and gradient gray versions of Galaxy Note 10 are available for purchase. There are also differences in the camera module. Instead of a rectangular module, a vertical one is installed here. There are three cameras, just as in the Lite version. A flash is located next to the camera module.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite received a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display. The aspect ratio is 20 to 9, and the resolution is 1080 by 2400 pixels. The smartphone screen is very bright with good color reproduction. There is a huge number of settings, among which there is a blue filter, a dark theme, white balance and the Always on Display function.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has a smaller screen diagonal of 6.3 inches with an aspect ratio of 19 to 9 and a resolution of 1080 by 2280 pixels. It uses the Dynamic AMOLED matrix, which reproduces colors much better. This phone also has support for HDR 10 technology, which the opponent does not have. In addition, the Galaxy Note 10 has a blue filter, the Always on Display function, and many more.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite received a new Android 10 operating system with an updated proprietary shell One UI 2.0. Comparing to its predecessor, this shell received minor changes. The fonts have become better, icons have changed a bit, problems with signatures in Russian have disappeared, the notification bar and settings menu have slightly changed. There is a dark menu mode now and the ability to add icons of your choice to the lock screen. In addition, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite has a personal assistant Bixby, which, for example, can translate text from photos and much more. Also, One UI 2.0 has a multi-level Samsung Knox security system that protects personal data from viruses and malicious attacks both on the hardware and software levels.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes with the Android 9 Pie operating system and the proprietary One UI shell, which users can upgrade to version 10 of Android and version 2 of One UI.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite has the main camera, ultra-wide one and 12 megapixel telephoto lens. The viewing angle of the ultra-wide-angle module is 123 degrees, and the telephoto lens provides high-quality 2x optical zoom. The artificial intelligence of the camera selects the optimal settings depending on the plot and simultaneously edits the picture, adding saturation. There is an HDR mode that is automatically activated by default, depending on the lighting conditions. In general, the shooting quality of the Galaxy Note 10 Lite is good both day and night. In low light conditions, the smartphone is assisted by a special night mode. Video can be shot in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, but without stabilization. The stabilization appears when changing resolution to Full HD with a frequency of 30 frames per second stabilization. In addition, the smartphone has a time-lapse function with a frequency of 960 frames per second and a built-in video editor. The front camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite received a sensor with a resolution of 32 megapixels with many settings for creating beautiful self-shots. In addition, the smartphone has the ability to take pictures by pressing the button on the pen S Pen.

The main camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has a main 12-megapixel wide-angle lens, a 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 123 degrees and a 12-megapixel telephoto lens with optical stabilization and 2x zoom . The smartphone received a function for measuring objects, which very accurately determines the size of things that the camera is pointing at. The shooting quality is excellent, even in poor lighting conditions, thanks to the night mode. As for video recording, it can be carried out in 4K resolution with a frequency of 60 frames per second. There is optical stabilization and stereo sound. In general, according to the tests performed, the Galaxy Note 10 camera shoots better than the Galaxy Note 10 Lite camera. The front camera of the smartphone is 10 megapixels. It received a CMOS sensor,


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite has an 8-core Exynos 9810 processor, which has 4 Mongoose M3 cores operating at 2.7 GHz and 4 Cortex-A55 cores operating at 1.7 GHz. The accelerator Mali-G72 MP18 is responsible for graphics. According to the Antutu test, the smartphone gained a decent result of 336 thousand points. The smartphone is available in a version with only 128 GB of internal memory, but if desired, you can install a memory card up to 1 TB. The amount of RAM can be 6 or 8 GB.

Depending on the market, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes with different processors. For Europeans, this is the 8-core Exynos 9825, which cores operate at 2.73 and 1.9 GHz. For residents of China and the United States, the smartphone is equipped with an 8-core Snapdragon 855 processor, the cores of which operate at 2.84 and 1.78 GHz. Video accelerators for different countries are also different. Residents of Europe will receive the Galaxy Note 10 with the Mali-G76 accelerator, and residents of the USA and China will receive a smartphone with the Adreno 640 accelerator. According to the Antutu test, the European version of the smartphone gained a very good result of 450 thousand points. The Galaxy Note 10 has 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory. There is no memory card slot.


The communication capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are the same. Both smartphones support dual-band Wi-Fi, including the ACC standard. There is Bluetooth version 5.0 and an NFC module.


Long battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite is provided by a battery capacity of 4500 mAh. Thanks to this battery, the smartphone functions without recharging throughout the day. There is a super-fast charging function from a 25-watt power adapter, which allows you to fully charge the smartphone in just an hour.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 battery capacity is significantly less – 3500 mAh. With a balanced mode of operation on, the smartphone can work all day. Like its opponent, the Galaxy Note 10 comes with a 25-watt charger, which allows you to fully charge the device in just an hour. Unlike its rival, Galaxy Note 10 supports wireless charging technology and can be used as a Power bank for charging other gadgets.


I’ve analyzed the reviews of the owners of the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Now I’m going to tell you what dissatisfied the oweners the most and what the owners of these smartphones like.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite

  1. It has a plastic case.
  2. It has a slow fingerprint scanner.
  3. There is no protection against water.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10

  1. The battery runs out quickly.
  2. There is no 3.5 mm slot and memory card slot.
  3. It has a slow fingerprint scanner.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite

  1. Its performance is high.
  2. It has a bright and large Super AMOLED display.
  3. Its battery life is long.
  4. It charges fast.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10

  1. It has a large frameless screen.
  2. Its performance is high.
  3. It takes high quality photos and videos.
  4. There is protection against water.

So, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite is a bit worse than its older brother in terms of shooting quality and performance. Also, it does not have water protection and support for fast charging technology. Therefore, in today’s comparison the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 wins. Although it does not have a  3.5 millimeter audio jack and a slot for a memory card, it compensates it with an adapter and a large amount of internal memory.

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