Samsung Galaxy A01 vs Samsung Galaxy A10. Compare?!

Hello! Today we’re going to review two budget smartphones – the Samsung Galaxy A01 and the Samsung Galaxy A10.


What is required of a budget smartphone? It should look decent and, if possible, serve you for a long time. There is no problem with that here. Both phones have a nice design. They are similar in appearance with some differences. The dimensions of the Galaxy A01 are the following: it’s 146.2 millimeters long, 70.9 wide and 8.3 millimeters thick. Its weight is 149 gram. The Samsung Galaxy A10 is bigger. Its length is 155.6 millimeters, the width is 75.6 millimeters, and the thickness is 7.9 millimeters. The weight of the smartphone is only 168 g. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy A10 is larger in weight and size, but thinner than the Galaxy A01.

The phone case is made of glass, plastic and aluminum, so it looks very decent. The edges of the body are rounded. Both smartphones have a large screen, narrow frames with curved edges. The underside of the frame is more massive. It’s not indicated which glass the screen is protected with, so it will be useful to take care of additional protection. So, stick the protective glass on the screen. The front camera on both phones is traditionally located in a teardrop-shaped neckline. at the top of the screen in the middle. The speaker is located above the camera.

On the back side in the upper right corner there are rear cameras. The Samsung Galaxy A10 has only one camera and an LED flash in the vertical unit. The Samsung logo is located on the rear panel, and there is a hole for the speaker. The Galaxy A01 has two cameras – the main camera and the depth camera. They are located in a vertical block. The LED flash is also placed there.

The volume buttons and the shutdown button on the Samsung Galaxy A10 are on the right side. There is a slot for two SIM cards on the left. At the bottom there is an input for headphones (mini-jack) with a micro-USB charging connector and a talking microphone next to it.

Buttons control elements of the Galaxy A01 are also located on usual spots. On the left side there is a paired volume control key. The on / off button is on the right edge. There is also a slot for SIM cards and a memory card which is not combined. It is easy to install two nanoSIM cards and a memory card in it. At the bottom there is a micro-USB connector with a microphone near. There is a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack at the top of the phone. The speaker is located on the rear panel.

Both devices do not have a fingerprint scanner. There is only the face recognition function among biometrics features. This is a little sad since the fingerprint function is preferable and much safer in many situations. But the lack of this feature makes phones more affordable. Both models have a light sensor, and the Galaxy A01 also has a proximity sensor.

The Samsung Galaxy A10 has four color options. The case color can be blue, black, red, or gold. The Galaxy A01 has a matte back case in three color options – black, blue, or red color.


The Samsung Galaxy A01 has a large and bright PLS TFT touch screen. Its screen size is 5.7 inches, aspect ratio 19 to 9. Resolution is 720 by 1520 pixels, PPI – 301. The brightness adjustment is provided. The manufacturer put some efforts into the light sensor. The brightness adapts pretty well. The screen is not that readable in bright sunshine, but the text and picture can be recognized quite well. The screen does not flicker, the fonts are smooth. There is an automatic screen rotation. Its display is high-quality for the budget phone section.

The settings menu can be open for the full screen. You can adjust the dimming of the theme, change the temperature of the colors depending on individual preferences.

The Samsung Galaxy A10 is equipped with a capacitive touch screen type IPS LCD. The protection is provided by Gorilla Glass 3. The diagonal size of the screen of this device differs slightly: the Galaxy A10 it is 6.2 inches, with an aspect ratio of 19 to 9. The resolution is the same – it is 720 by 1520 pixels . The PPI is 271. There are wide viewing angles. The screen is bright, the picture is quite clear for the budget model. There is an automatic screen rotation and adaptive brightness functions.


The Samsung Galaxy A10 operates on Android 9 with ONE UI shell. The application icons are large. The main menu is also located on one screen. There is the wireless file transfer function available as the ability to work with several applications at the same time. There is the split window mode and other options available with ONE UI shell. The smartphone is controlled through a notification bar that opens in full screen. There is the night mode (the theme becomes dark), eye protection and gesture control features. You can also enable the “screen sensitivity”.

The Samsung Galaxy A01 runs on the Android 10.0 platform wit the One UI 2 shell. The system is able to automatically change the font and its color, depending on the image that appears on the screen. The font changes without user intervention. It is easy to read.

There are 16 icons in the settings. It is convenient to operate them with one hand. The main menu fits on one screen. Additional programs are listed in folders. Shortcuts for launching applications are quite large, they work with one touch. It is possible to run applications in split screen mode. It supports wireless file transfer.

Incoming notifications pop up with a shutter, with important notifications first.


The Samsung Galaxy A10 has two cameras – the main and the front cameras. The main one is with a resolution of 13 MP, with an aperture of f / 1.9. There is an LED flash. The camera shoots video at 30 frames per second in FullHD quality. There is no optical stabilization. The image get shaky if you take it with your hands, even when walking. It’s better to shoot a video in a stable position.

There are few settings: panorama, pro-mode, photo and video. You can turn on HDR and select a video extension for both the main and the front camera.

The front camera has a resolution of 5 MP with aperture f / 2.0. There is an autofocus function, LED flash. The quality of the pictures is pretty ordinary, without much detail. Color reproduction is natural, but not bright.

The Samsung Galaxy A01’s main camera consists of two modules. There is an LED flash next to it and a depth sensor.

The main camera has a resolution of 13 megapixels with aperture f / 2.2. There is the autofocus function. The second module of the camera blurs the background well. There is a portrait shooting function. The problem is that the smartphone focuses on objects very slowly. It takes good quality photos in good light. Of course, the camera is not the best of the best, but it works quite well.

Indoors, at dusk, the quality of the pictures is not very good, but pretty tolerable for this price range. You can improve it using manual settings.

There is no optical stabilization, the hand holding the camera should stay still, especially when shooting indoors. The camera shoots video at 30 frames per second in FullHD quality. There is also HDR and a choice of video extension.

The selfie camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels and aperture f / 2.0. The focus is fixed. The front camera is very simple, the pictures are ordinary, the colors are natural without any particular details.


The Samsung Galaxy A10 has an 8-core Exynos 7884 processor. Two cores operate at a frequency of 1.6 GHz, and the remaining six operate at a frequency of 1.35 GHz. The Mali-G71 MP2 GPU lets you play simple games. The amount of RAM can be 2 GB or 4 GB. The amount of built-in memory is 32 GB. This, of course, is not enough, but it is possible to expand the memory to 512 GB, which may appeal to the most demanding users. Memory Type eMMC 5.1 belongs to the budget category. The interface does not slow down. In the Antutu rating, it scored 89163 points. The indicator is not the best, but it is fine for a budget smartpjone.

The Samsung Galaxy A01 has a Qualcomm chipset, an 8-core Snapdragon 439 processor. The four cores operate at a frequency of 1.95 GHz, and the other four operate with a frequency of up to 1.45 GHz, the GPU is Adreno 505.

The chipset is quite productive, and there are no complaints about it. Although the overall system performance is not the highest. There is only 2 GB of RAM. There is not much of a built-in memory either – 16 GB (half of which is already used). Type of memory eMMC 5.1 also belongs to the budget category of the smartphones. The phone is fast, but you won’t be able to play heavy games on it.


Both smartphones support dual band Wi-Fi. There is Bluetooth for data transfer. The Samsung Galaxy A10 has Bluetooth version 5.0, while the Samsung Galaxy A01 has version 4.2. There are no problems with GPS either, but, unfortunately, the NFC module is not provided.


The Samsung Galaxy A10 has a non-removable 3400 mAh battery. This is not bad for a budget smartphone. There is a 1A charge included. The smartphone does not support fast charging. It takes approximately three hours to charge the battery. If you put it at night, it’s charges fine.

The capacity of the non-removable battery of the Samsung Galaxy A01 is slightly less – it is 3000 mAh. There is no fast charging option. If you charge the full battery, then you will get about one day of work. Full battery charge time is about 2.5 hours.


What do customers think about these smartphones? Let’s start with the negative reviews.


The Samsung Galaxy A10

  1. There isn’t enough RAM.
  2. The speaker is located on the back side of the phone, the sound rattles.
  3. There isn’t the NFC function or fingerprint scanner.

The Samsung Galaxy A01

  1. There is low battery and not enough RAM.
  2. There isn’t a fingerprint scanner.
  3. There is no camera stabilization.


The Samsung Galaxy A10

  1. It has a good size and weight.
  2. It has a big screen.
  3. It works fast.
  4. There is an ability to increase memory up to 512 GB.

The Samsung Galaxy A01

  1. There is a powerful processor, the phone works quickly and does not freeze.
  2. It is not very big.
  3. It as a big screen.
  4. It has a good color reproduction.

We reviewed two budget smartphones. Both of them have pretty good performance and they are equipped with all the necessary functions. The Samsung Galaxy A01 is fast. It can produce good quality videos and photos. The Samsung Galaxy A10 has a larger battery, 32 GB of internal memory, compared to the A01’s 16G. There are models with 4 GB of RAM.

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