CPU Intel I5 9600K vs Intel I7 9700K. Comparison + tests in games!

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to review 2 processors from Intel. Theay are the I5 9600K and the I7 9700K. You will learn about the main parameters, their effectiveness and performance in various games. Both models are powerful, but from the price point of view, the I5 9600K is much cheaper.

General Characteristics

Both processors are top-end and some of the best in their lineup.

 The microarchitecture is no different, the advanced Coffee Lake Refresh base is used. Both tips and current consumption are identical. So, what is the difference? It’s all about performance and performance.

 The main differences between the models is in their number of cores. Both processors don’t have multithreading. The 9700K version has 2 cores more than its competitor. The turbo boost allows you to accelerate the processor by 300 MHz, which is 7% higher than the 9600K model. The designation “K” indicates the unlock factor and the possibility of overclocking. The process technology is identical for both chips. As a result of the 9700K’s larger number of cores, itis the leader in terms of all levels of cache memory, so the 8-core processor gets the advantage.

The differences between the processors are not very large. The 9600K has a great chip, especially combined with the right motherboard and graphics card, but the other model is faster. In practice, the 6-core processor gives high speed, which is enough for many modern games with maximum graphics settings even with a small margin of performance. Now we know the features of the models, so let’s get to the testing in games.

Gaming test

I’ll say right away that all games were launched with the maximum graphics settings at a resolution of 1920 × 1080 and 2560 × 1440 at the base frequency of the processors. Both chips were paired with the discrete NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card and the ASRock Z390 Taichi motherboard.

 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is an RPG / Action game created by Ubisoft Quebec. It belongs to the 11th Assassin’s Creed game, and its release was in 2018. All events take place in Ancient Greece during the Peloponnesian War. Gamers can choose one of two characters. The game is resource-intensive, but the processors coped well with the load. In this action game, the 9600K chip with Full HD resolution gets the leadership. But the 9700K takes over the advantage by 3.5% with the enlargement of the picture. During the game, there is no significant difference.

 Far Cry New Dawn is an open-world first-person shooter from Ubisoft. The events take place in Hole County where there was a nuclear explosion 17 years ago. This game of 2019 has colorful landscapes just like in the real world. The main character doesn’t have a name, he just goes by captain. Both chips showed excellent results, they practically do not differ in the number of frames and I did not notice any drawdowns. However, there was an improvement in resolution but it was not less than 65 frames.

 GTA V is a legendary open-world game, the 15th in the entire series. The action takes place in a fictional state, and the plot is based on 3 characters with a different story. You can manage it from 1st ot 3rd persons and choose any means of transportation. The peculiarity is that the gamer can switch the hero at any time for completing tasks by himself. In the game, both processors are almost the same. There aren’t big changes taking place. Anyway, the 9700K with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels takes the leadership by 2.3%.

Don’t forget that you can find out the current prices and buy the described processors through the links that I left in the description.

 Metro Exodus is a first-person shooter developed by the Ukrainian company 4A Games. The release was in 2019. The entire plot is based on the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky and it continues the plot of 2 previous episodes of the game. All actions take place in the post-apocalyptic world of 2035, where gamers need to fight with mutated creatures and people. As in other tests, there aren’t any significant differences between the chips visible during the gaming process. Both chips work approximately the same, but it’s not that as easy to cope with the load as with other games.

 Shadow of Tomb Rider is the next series of Lara Croft’s adventures from the company Eidos Montreal, which was launched bach in 2018. In this version, the heroine is looking for artifacts on a Mexican island, where she has many difficulties, battles and other confrontations. The processors showed excellent results, they have a high frame rate, but in some cases the 9600K exceeds the 8-core stone.


There is some difference in the processors based on their technical characteristics, however, the changes are minimal in games. Nevertheless, the Intel Core i7-9700K places first. Both models are productive and suitable not only for gaming, but also for solving complex computational problems. They are also suitable for video processing, and batch photo editing. You shouldn’t choose a processor just comparing the power feature – this is the wrong approach. The cost is an important factor, so many people would like the 9600K. It is balanced, and it has optimal performance. As it turns out, the 6-core processor is worth buying and it is good for assembling a gaming PC comparing to its rival. In some parameters it even surpasses it. It depends on the resolution of the screen, and video card a lot. I left the prices for the processors in the description under the video. The links will lead you to the stores where you can immediately buy them and pick up other accessories. I recommend choosing the i5-9600K, as it is much cheaper, and at the same time almost as good as the more expensive counterpart.

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